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Boost your Sex Drive naturally

Another Valentine’s day has been and gone and cupid’s arrows have been slung far and wide. This month’s blog post focuses on diet and lifestyle tips to get you in the mood all year round… you’re welcome!

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Firstly, let’s talk about a couple of lifestyle factors that have a big effect on your sex drive.


If you’re suffering with low libido, the first thing to think about is managing your stress levels. If your stress levels are high and unmanaged, your cortisol is likely to be chronically elevated. This can cause abnormalities in natural sex hormone patterns, resulting in a loss of sexual desire.

Think about including a daily mindfulness practice to help manage your stress levels and avoid excessive high intensity exercise, which can cause cortisol to run riot. Think about including adaptogenic supplements to support adrenal function and improve your stress resilience. Some of my favourites are: ashwaghanda, reishi, rhodiola and holy basil.


Being sleep deprived is a big problem when it comes to getting in the mood. Testosterone, an important sex hormone for both men and women, peaks at night during REM sleep, so poor sleep is linked to a reduction in Testosterone levels. One study of men who slept for only 5 hours a night for a week saw a 10-15% drop in Testosterone levels. Unsurprisingly, they also experienced reduced libido and low energy.

To optimise your sleep, try practicing ‘Sleep Hygiene’. This includes: exposing yourself to natural first morning light, avoiding caffeine and stimulants in the evening, evening meditation, and reducing blue light exposure. Some supplements can be helpful for promoting sleep: Magnesium, Valerian root, 5-HTP, passionflower.

So, which aphrodisiac foods and nutrients should be included in your Valentine’s diet?

Maca Root

A root native to Peru and used historically among Inca tribes for its libido enhancing properties. Take as a powder blended into smoothies, or in capsules.


Not only are these incredibly sexy when dipped in chocolate, but they are also high in Vitamin C, which is crucial for both male and female sex hormone production.


This herb is popular in China and is commonly used to aid sexual function in both men and women. Studies also show that it may help to improve sexual arousal in menopausal women. There are many different types, but Red Ginseng seems to be the most effective for boosting libido.

Gingko Biloba

Another Chinese herb used to treat many ailments, including depression and low libido. Studies have reported increased sexual desire and more orgasms in people taking a supplement daily.


Possibly the most well-known aphrodisiac, and for a reason! Raw oysters are high in zinc, which speeds up testosterone production. Famously, Casanova credited oysters for his plentiful lovemaking.


Especially helpful for men, beetroot is high in Nitric Oxide, which increases vascular blood flow and reduces erectile dysfunction. Enjoy beetroot cooked, raw, juiced, or take a supplement.

Although there are many foods and nutrients that may help to get you in the mood, it is important to remember there is not one magic cure for low libido. It is always important to consider the root-cause of your symptoms and address any underlying imbalances. Book a FREE 30 minute Wellness Review to find out how Nutritional Therapy can support you.


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